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DeCa is a creative design practice delivering projects around the world. This multidisciplinary practice was founded in 2002 by Domenico Del Priore and Raffaele Carlani. DeCa’s extensive portfolio ranges from the entertainment and hospitality sector to master planning and repurposing. We offer fresh ways to think based on experience, knowledge and observation. 


We are passionate about what we do. Our aim is that through our work we build better place to live, work and play in. Whatever we do it is structured by our understanding of the human condition. In all our work we are site specific, considerate of context, scale, materials and light. We are economic and responsible.


Domenico Del Priore - Co-Founder

Raffaele Carlani - Co-Founder

Remo Mattioli - Architect

Maria Luisa Olguin - Architect

Francesca Bissichini - Architect

Luca Bono - Architect

Ilaria Castellani Perelli - Architect

Michele Massini Rosati - Architect

Dhaula Pendola - Architect

Francesca Rotini - Architect


Viola Bucci - Designer

Manuel Dettori - Architect

Gabriele Monotti - Software developer

Filippo Rosati - Architect

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