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Our team 

DeCa is a multidisciplinary design office based in Italy and Scotland and delivers projects around the world. Founded in 2002 DeCa's extensive portfolio of projects range from cinema design and retail to exhibitions and multimedia productions, with a variety of clients from the fashion house Valentino, publications such as the National Geographic, cinema companies such as Warner Bros, Village Roadshow, the Kuwait National Cinema Company, Roxy and many, many more.

We also work with a variety of national and international institutions such as UNESCO, the Italian Ministry of Heritage and Culture, city councils and private museums.

We are problem solvers, whether it is improving your customer journey, introducing the latest technology, or giving your business a new look and feel.

What we offer:

  • Skilled architect & designer manager with an in-depth knowledge of the entertainment and retail sectors.

  • Interdisciplinary understanding working with: funders, real estate managers, urban planners, engineers, contractors, lawyers & local authorities.

  • Financial, legal & signatory experience to appoint consultant teams & establish contracting strategies.

  • Commercial knowledge & an entrepreneurial instinct.

Domenico Del Priore the founder has a broad experience of development & the construction sector, having worked with corporate investors, developers, architects, urbanists & contractors over the last 25 years. This has given him a good grounding in fi nance, human resources, business & the culture of organisations.
His managerial experience has seen him develop the negotiating & technical skills necessary to control & influence development. He has a profound knowl edge of business processes in different cultures having built & guided teams to deliver projects of considerable scale.

Domenico del Priore - Founder

Team leaders

Remo Mattioli                  

Maria Luisa Olguin         

Luca Bono                        
Dhaula Pendola            

Francesca Bissichini      

Beatrice Fossatelli        

Miguel De mayo    

Bibin Babu

Donn Thomas     


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